Jumat, 27 Februari 2009

Homwok 3

Oh, kk Respandy strikes again with the Homework thingy
tu de poin ajah,
kerjain langsung yook

100 Truths. After you've filled this out, tag 20 peoples ang have them to do the same.

Last beverage --> Air Ludah
Last phone call --> C-lot, nanyain ttg DA
Last instant message --> Tapir... bukan, bkan ttg kebon binatang, tp ttg bioskop
Last song you listened to --> ade gw ngoceh... music to mai kuping~
LAst time you cried --> 2 bulan lalu, 50 rebuan gw ilang....

Date someone twice --> never was, never will. ngedate = buang2 duit
Been cheated on --> cheated on girl? don't think so. cheated on a test? oh, always!
Kissed someone and regretted it --> Yes..... mulut "orang itu" bau sampah
Lost someone special --> no... not yet

Fallen out of love --> no, out/in sama aja, g pernah
Laughed until yuo cried --> yes, pas nonton Superhero Movie, pas dragonflyman'a kencing di langit2... wkwkwkwk, HILARIOUS!!!
Met someone who changed your live --> no.... maybe...... no
Found out someone was talking 'bout you --> yes, often...... :(
Do you have any pets --> semut, kecoak, tikus termasuk g?
Do you want to change your name? --> no, and why would i do that?
What time did you wake up today --> ..... 11 A:M..... langsung buka inet
What were you doing at midnight last night --> tidur lah
Name something you CANNOT wait for --> my other self~
What's one thing you wish you could change --> uhum.... my brain....
What getting on your nerves right now --> gada....
What's your real name --> Devlin PC (bkan Pesonal Computer.... Putra Candra loh)
Zodiak sign --> yg bentuk timbangan tu apa? pisces (lho?)
Are you a health freak --> YES!!!! MEDICINE MAKE ME SICKER!!! also waste of money
righty or lefty--> centery (?)

first surgery --> not yet
first piercing --> do i look like a person who need piercing? well.... almost...
first best friend --> Adit jamur (SD), Grady (dari TK ampe SMA), Renji (SD)
first sport you joined --> don't remember, yg pasti bukan catur
first pet --> DAWG!!! tapi langsung mati di hari kdua..... ato kabur gara2 majikannya ga waras?
first vacation --> Lombok... itu loh, di sbelah kanan bali
first crush --> ummm..... no

kissed a stranger --> i'm done kissing for a momment
Drank hard liquor --> oh yes, and me likey!
Lost glasses/contact --> lets see, di pantai, di skolah, di rumah sndiri (tpi ketemu stelah beli baru).... yes
Ran away from home --> nope
Broken someone's heart --> nope
Been arrested --> emang sih gw sering ngemaling makanan di kantin, but no, never
Turn someone down --> yes... lots and lots of time!
Cried when someone died --> no

Youre self --> OF KORS!!!!
Miracle --> OF KORS NO!!!!
Love at fisrt sight --> pfftt.... who belief inthat bullshit?
Heaven --> yes of kors
Santa Claus --> who's that? fat freak with fake white beard and pedophilia? HECK NO!!!
Kiss on the fisrt date --> nah....
Angel --> yes, devils too

Is there one person you want to be with right now --> hopefully.... no
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriends one time --> no
Do you believe in God --> maybee....
Is this quetionnaire a waste of time --> not at all, i like wasting time

as ussual, i tag effribodi~

2 komentar:

renspandy mengatakan...

haha.. pinter.. pinter..
eh.. km pernah ke LOMBOK???
hahaha~ kok bisa org kayak km terdampar di pulau ini...
untung saya gak ketemu km..

Brainless~ mengatakan...

mang kk org lombok???

kok muka'a gag mirip lombok ????
lebih mirip cabe.. cabe rawiet


thx dah brkunjung ya!