Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Random Question. Do they exist?

I'm bored.

Well, this semester i sign in for Philosophy (I spell it right, no? there's no red zig-zag underneath the word?) and Academic English class.

My philosophy lecturer said that a philosopher always ask. 
My English lecturer said an english always talk in english, not Arabic (duh, its obvious)

Well, this is just for killing time, i got nothing to do, so i'm wasting stuff here.

Answer if you dare!

Here comes the Annoying Philosophy.

-If a robot do the "robot", is it still called the "robot" or just "dancing"?
-If camera lenses are round, how come pictures turn out rectangular?
-If "Nothing is ever absolute". Isn't that statement absolute?
-If they squeeze olives to make olives oil, what do they squeeze to make baby oil?
-Doesn't expecting the unexpected, make the expected become unexpected? (ok, this one is hard)
-If i try to lose the game and succeed, do i win the game?
-How will i know why my internet stopped working, if my internet stopped working?
-Why do the Flintstones, have a Christmas episode special?
-If Mac users care more about the environment than Windows users. Why do Mac have Trash Can, and Windows have Recycling Bin?
-What does Ladygaga wear for Halloween?


5 komentar:

AkaneD'SiLa mengatakan...

i don't understand

Brainless~ mengatakan...

Thats mean you are normal.

This is just complicated questions from a brainless person, unless u got dictionary.

nomorsepuluh mengatakan...

finally u spoke english haha lol
but I don't get it -.-"

SnowinhelL mengatakan...

why chicken cross the damm* road?

The Chicken Wants To Swim mengatakan...

wkwkwkwk those question just made my hair semakin susah disisir!

wkwkwk, aku nggak menyangka orang kayak koko bisa ngambil kelas serius kayak filosofi

ko, cec my answer!
i tag ur nem :D