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Hello Family, Friends, and Coworker!

For some reason, i'd like to post something in English. (Google Translate have nothing to do with this post.... oh please...)

My collage days in Surabaya are wasted in Indonesian, i don't even speak english in english class. No wonder i only got B+ in English. FFFUUU!

So, a few weeks ago after i got back form Sulawesi i spend a week in Bali before i got to do some business in Surabaya.
It's Galungan and Kuningan day in Bali, yes, Bali is also famous for the red calendar, too many holidays.
And this is the report on what my ass been doing in Bali for straight 7 days!

Hello Family, Friends, and Coworkers!

Day 1 & 2. Family Time!

My phone rang (actually my phone always on silent mode)
My cousin Stella called, she said that my grandpa is sick and he's in the hospital. He got 'scarlet fever' (FYI, it's demam berdarah in Indonesia, if i translate it literally it would be 'Bloody Fever'.. sounds really sadistic, no?). Stella told me to visit him, and she's also going to the hospital, but she's too lazy if she's alone. At first, I don't believe what my cousin said.

Dude! My grandpa is like, 75. His blood should taste really bad and old, and he's no ordinary granddad, he can do all the chores in spite of my grandma being paralyzed because her kidney have some trouble. Anyway, my grandparent live with my aunt, my dad's youngest sister. My aunt is a neat freak, she will nag anyone who lay a single fingerprint in her belongings!
Almost impossible for a mosquito to survive in my grandparent's house. Unless the mosquitos are from Japan and they know Ninjutsu or they just have bad taste.

Then i took my old 'Scoopy' bike and go to the hospital. My cousin was telling the truth, no kidding, my grandpa laying down on the bed languidly, his face is pale and he got watery eyes. Is he crying at the truth that he really got scarlet fever? NO! He's watching Hachiko on Cinemax!

My grandpa is fine, like i said my grandpa is no ordinary grandpa, he always recover from his illness really quickly. He's as cool as Dr.Xavier from the X-man, except my grandpa don't need wheelchair, he use skateboards. My grandpa only stayed in the hospital for 3 days, and i got to visit him on the 1st and 2nd day. I also meet my other cousins, Ko Caca and Ko Erik, which is Stella's older brothers, and Ce Anna, my cousin from Jakarta who work in Bali.

There's nothing much to do in the hospital, just goofing around with my cousins, mess with the nurses and eating in the canteen.

The steak taste like mashed potato!

Oh, Stella brought her laptop, and we watch Silent Hill. Yes, hospital is great for watching scary movies... although we're too wimp to watch it at night.

The only noisy room in the whole hospital.

Day 3. Friend Reunion!

Finally i got to spend time with my high school friends! But there's also schedule error in some of my friend's university. So many of them can't hang out, they still have to do their final exam or even still in normal lecture. The lucky people who got a chance to hang with me is Savvy, Ervy, Steven, and Helmi. Although Savvy actually have class, but hack with it, hanging out is much cooler than staring at your lecturer's nostril for 2 hours. You've walk in the right path Savvy. Muhaha!

We're already cool from the beginning

We gather in my home, having some deep conversation and chit-chat about college life.
Then we're going to Discovery Mall. The only place to hang out in Kuta WITH affordable price. But Steven isn't coming, because he have something to do in his church. We travel by car, Helmi driving.

Firstly, we're having lunch in 'the new and improved' fast food in Bali, Burger King. They got the most tasty burgers! Seriously! It's one of the best burger that had gotten into my mouth! Sorry McBurgers, i found a new love~ 
It's only Rp 160.000,- for 4 person, so approximately Rp 40.000,- per person, that include the fries and soft drink, and i think that's reasonable for good burger.

We spent around and 2 hours in BK, there's so many things to talk about. Start from problems we got from college and stupid stuff we did while in High School, good time.... good time.....

Once an airhead, always an airhead.

After having our stomach stuffed, we continued our journey to Amazon! 
Well, not literally amazon, the game center amazon.
We play some hoops and ,of course, Pump. But we're not playing there for too long after we're kicked out for trying to sabotage a carousel. 

We also have some karaoke time, funny thing is, even though there're only 4 of us, but our room is louder, much louder than next room with 8 people. We sang our throat out! 

We also play on the greasy and slippery floor on the 3rd floor. Yes, we almost forgot that we're university student.... 

Having our wallet empty, we took a walk on the beach and had some picture together, but i won't upload it here because it's too good for free stuff >:D

Almost night, Savvy had to go home before her dad caught up that she's skipping class. LOL.

Day 4 & 5. Quality Time Alone!

I'm not really moving my ass much that day. It's Galungan and Kuningan day. My housemaid return to their home. So i stayed at home doing chores, babysit my baby brother, eating more junk food, playing in the internet, bicycling and watching TV.
I only watched FoxCrime, Animal Planet and Nickelodeon. 

Oh, Steven came over and we watch a lot of stand up comedy by Rusell Peters and Jeff Dunham.
Check out their act on Youtube, they're hilarious!

Day 6. Messy Work Place as Always!

Did i mention i'm a cashier when i'm in High School? 
I work in a Bar near my parent's shop in Kuta. It called 'The Corner Bar'.

I visit and met some of my coworkers, Melog, Mbok Suli, Mbok Wayan, and Dodik which are the waiter, waitress, and bartender. And Lionk, Putu, and Mr.Korea which are the cook and chefs.

Melog, Lionk, and Mr.Korea aren't their real name, it's just nickname other people give because their real name was either hard to spell or just weird.

While i'm there minding my own business, come two familiar foreigner, name Dean and Jess.
They greeted me, and we have some conversation. They're from Australia, and they said they're Mr. John's children. Moment later after they got bored talking with unusual mythical being they bid me adieu.

I stare at them while they're walking away.... who the hell is Mr. John??? 
Well, i assume they're just drunk. Silly Australian, drunk in the middle of the day.

We serve good food with smiley face

I spent the rest of my day helping out in my parent's shop, since it's after holiday and some of the employee still having tea party at their home. 

Day 7. Farewell!

I'm still helping around the shop until 1 PM, then i got back home to pack my belongings.
Levya came over. She's my friend from high school, but she's in IPA class. Because she can't hang out the other day she decided to annoy me while i'm packing.

My Travel bus arrive. After saying goodbye to my home folks, i suddenly fell asleep in the bus, and after i wake up, i found myself in front of my boarding house. 

The Next Day...

I noticed something when i wake up and stare at the mirror while brushing my teeth. No, there's nothing wrong with my face, my face remain pretty, as always. What I noticed is....

I've been wearing the same shirt in 3 days.... i feel like Mr. Bean.... the poor version of Mr. Bean.

I can't wait to see everyone in Surabaya, i grab my jacket and heat up my bike, then wander around the city.

This Week's Lesson:

"'Caution, wet floor' also mean 'Ice-skating practice HERE'"

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Claude C Kenni mengatakan...

HUAHUAHUAHUA...editan fotonya lucuuuuu =)

Nice story, tambah asik bacanya gara2 fotonya ;p

Marsella T. mengatakan...

gila foto editannya sukses bikin ngakak XD coba deh kalo film horor nontonnya Insidious, itu dijamin bikin rambut jering

Enno mengatakan...


amazing story deh ah!
dan lebay banget sih itu pas nonton film horornya :))

Igniel mengatakan...

i read some entries in english from you guys, my blogger friends. And it makes me wannna make another one in english too. Really.

kinda interesting, your vacation in Bali i guess. But, since you wrote this in english, somehow i feel a little bit lazy to read it till the end. Sorry^^
But i DO read this. Honest.

and just like usual, you photo editing is damn great!

Unknown mengatakan...

kaaakkkk gue gak ngertiii .___.
Cuma ngerti paragraf2 awal di setiap judul. hahahah
*garuk2 bantal *ketauan gak begitu bisa english *kabur*

Unknown mengatakan...

Good articles mate. Thanks for sharing to us. Dont forget to visit us, wokey...

Unknown mengatakan...

wkwkw, darimana aja lu?! prasaan tiap ngepost pasti ada foto2 rusak, wkwkwk

Insisius? yang posternya itu ada anak2 mirip justin bieber? wwkwkwkwk, kukira justin biber bneran main film horor

Lebay itu sehat, lebaylah sebelum lebay dilarang, wkwkwkw

LOL, perhaps you should!
have you got any difficulties reading mine?

wkwkwkwkw, baca bahasa inggris kok buka kamus prancis, piye to?

Yorr Welkamm!

yasuyassyash mengatakan...

weks, anak2 kelas gw waktu itu juga pada main ice skating-aissketingan di lantai kelas yg malah ada dosen lagi ngeasistensi. pake bedak ama plastik gitu biar pada tambah licin, mungkin mainan ini lagi ngetren ya di kalangan anak kuliah. hmm

Ikmalia Anindita mengatakan...

howaaa.... keren! kreatif banget editan fotonya.

Audrey Subrata mengatakan...

aduuuhhh ga nahaaaan liat foto2nya ngakak HAHAHAHAHAHHHHH masih ga abis pikir kakak rajin bener ngeditin foto satu2 begitu, kalo gue mah udah males buanget...

numpang ngakak lagi ah :))

Inez mengatakan...

Hahahaha! Niceee!
(Especially the "rainbow in my mouth" lol!)